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Solo Dog Walks (1 hr)

This service is provided if your dog isnt social with other dogs, reactive or if you would prefer your dog to get all the attention to him/herself. This service is limited to a 1 hour walk where if comfortable off lead in the Chilton countryside can be an option.  

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Group Dog Walks

This service we provide we take the dogs out together on a group walk of a maximum 4 dogs at a time,

(excluding saturdays)

Depending on the temperament of your pooch of course and after discussion with yourselves we will decide what you feel comfortable with to let them explore the countryside in the chilton area.

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Dog Sitting (5 hr)



Would you rather we take care of your furry friend in your own home? if so, this is the package for you.  Here we will spend the day continuing your daily routine tailor made by yourselves. We will feed, play & have fun keeping your pooches minds stimulated, we will take him/her out for 2 daily walks, keep the property to the standard as you left it and when you return it will feel like you never left!

Puppy/Pet Visits
(30 mins)

This is where we visit your puppy whether your working, have to go away urgently or attending a business meeting... whatever the reason we will attend your property and check up on your little bundle of joy. We will let him/her out for the toilet, clean up mess, feed, water and give them a run around for 30 mins. So dont worry give us a call and we will help!

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